(The Pillow Book) Seventh Book: The Book of Youth

The Book of Youth

If God approved of his creature’s creation,
He breathed the painted clay-model into life by signing His name

Where is a book before it is born? Does a book grow like a tree?
Who are a book’s parents?
Does a book need two parents – a mother and a father?
Can a book be born inside another book?
And where is the parent book of books?
How old does a book have to be before it can give birth to another?
Do young books cry and scream if they are not read or fed ?
Do they pass words with incontinent abandon?
Do they force every random found sentence into their mouths?
This book is past the first flush of youth.
it is a book that is in puberty.
It is hesitating, and from the vantage point of the mature reader,
it is both a sad and amusing reminder
of the part which is not
always attractive enough to be revisited.
The cover is becoming crisp like the
hardening of wood on a young tree.
Its pages are pliable and taste a little of salt.




About glmorrison

poet, writer, teacher
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