From the archives: A Good Fit by Mat Twassel

======================== A Good Fit==============================

Pete, the freshman whose locker was next to Jenny’s, was shy but cute. Just before Mr. Menke’s third period study hall, Jenny took care that her nimble breast brushed his arm, that her sweet breath nibbled his ear, as she whispered, “I’m so horny, Pete. What if you make some kind of fuss in class so my boyfriend Boyd and I can sneak off for a quick fuck?” Instant blush. Instant boner. Adorable freshman boy. Jenny was as surprised as anyone when minutes into the period Pete lurched into a corner and collapsed on the floor, writhing like a dying animal. But Boyd, the big jerk, didn’t budge. He just gawked like everyone else. That night Jenny couldn’t sleep. She kept imagining Pete thrashing. Nude. Huge. Next day she found out he was suspended. She went to his house after school. “Hey,” she said. “Brought you something. Your study hall homework!” Her smile turned lewd as she showed Pete the six pack of condoms. Almost enough, as it turned out. ==============================================================

A Good Fit by Mat Twassel 2003 Bradley Stoke Flash Stroke Festival


One of the most amazing thing about the internet is there is so damn much of it. That’s as true of internet porn or “stroke stories” as it is of anything.

I’m an avid link surfer.

When you find one brilliant writer don’t forget to check out the links on his/her/their website! I followed Vinnie Tesla’s web pages to the treasure trove of STROKE FLASH fiction.

Now if we just add Harry Potter, Star Trek or Xena characters (or a combination of the three) we could have stroke SLASH flash fiction. Snarf! What could be hotter than that?


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